WalkTEM 2


Lithogen offers the ABEM WalkTEM 2 TDEM system for rent in Canada and the USA and for purchase within Canada.

The ABEM WalkTEM 2 is a user-friendly, rapid survey solution that can provide precise resistivity models directly in the field. Depths of hundreds of metres can be investigated to search for, map, and monitor groundwater, mineral deposits, and environmental change. The WalkTEM 2 offers some clear advantages, particularly in the areas of ease-of-use, flexibility, and rapid and precise data collection. With features such as a rugged chassis design, built-in damping resistors, and an intuitive user interface, it allows even relatively inexperienced users to successfully set-up and operate the instrument. The system is also highly scalable to fit any client’s requirements and budgets.


– groundwater exploration
– groundwater pollution and saline intrusion mapping
– shallow to deep orebody detection
– permafrost mapping

Rental Prices (CAD)

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Purchase Option

As an authorized disributor of ABEM products, Lithogen is proud to offer the ABEM WalkTEM 2 for sale. Contact us to discuss pricing and options. 

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