Terrameter LS 2


Lithogen offers the ABEM Terrameter LS 2 resistivity/IP system for rent in Canada and the USA and for purchase within Canada.

The ABEM Terrameter LS 2 is a state-of-the-art data acquisition system capable of self potential (SP), resistivity, and induced polarization (IP) measurements. It features up to 12 built-in measurement channels for enhanced efficiency and productivity, a high power current transmitter, and an easy-to-use computer and graphical user interface. The system is also compatible with a wide range of land, marine, and borehole cables, and is able to utilize spreads of over 16,000 electrodes, making it a versatile system with a wide variaty of applications including environmental, geotechnical, and mineral exploration. Boasting many other intuitive features, the Terrameter LS 2 is optimized for productivity, minimizing field time.


– mineral exploration
– permafrost, groundwater, and contamination mapping and monitoring
– geotechnical investigation
– archaeology

Weights and Dimensions (Shipping)

Console – 28 kg, 66 x 52 x 38 cm
Cables (2x 1m) – 11.9 kg, 63 x 53 x 27 cm
Cables (1x 5m) – 17.5 kg, 63 x 53 x 27 cm
Electrodes (100x) – 19.5 kg, 32 x 19 x 22 cm
Jumpers, Joints, Accessories – 10.5 kg, 48 x 45 x 22 cm

Rental Prices (CAD)

Our latest daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for ABEM equipment, as well as our general rental terms and conditions, can be found here.

Purchase Option

As an authorized disributor of ABEM products, Lithogen is proud to offer the ABEM Terrameter LS 2 for sale within Canada. Contact us to discuss pricing and options. 

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