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Lithogen offers the Sensors and Software NOGGIN GPR system for rent or purchase in Canada and the USA.

The Sensors and Software (from Radiodetection) NOGGIN ground penetrating radar is an adaptable and high-performance instrument utilizing a patented ultra-wide band, ground-coupled antennas that provide maximum signal penetration and the highest quality GPR data. It is flexible and adaptable, offering a variety of center frequencies and deployment configurations (such as the SmartCart and the SmartTow systems) that allow the NOGGIN to tackle any project and environment. The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, and includes many flexible features to make your time on site efficient and productive. 


– agriculture and forestry (i.e. mapping tree roots, evaluate water content, soil conditions in crop-growing areas)
– forensics and military (i.e. weapons, tunnel, grave, and UXO location)
– archeology
– utility mapping such as pipes, cables, and buried structures
– geological stratigraphy and bedrock mapping


External Geode GPS or TopCon GPS
100 MHz to 1000 MHz antennas
SmartTow and SmartCart mobility options

Weights and Dimensions (Shipping)

51 kg, 119 x 63 x 49 cm (Typical 250 MHz SmartCart configuration)

Rental Prices (CAD)

Our latest daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for Sensors and Software equipment, as well as our general rental terms and conditions, can be found below:
Canada Rental Rates (CAD)
USA Rental Rates (USD)

Purchase Option

As an authorized distributor of Sensors and Software products, Lithogen is proud to offer the NOGGIN GPR for sale. Contact us to discuss pricing and options. 

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