EM-61 Mk2A - Rentals


Lithogen offers the Geonics EM-61 Mk2A metal detector for rent in Canada and the USA.

The Genoics EM-61 Mk2A is a high power, high sensitivity metal detector suitable for applications in the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Based on the design principles of time domain electromagnetics, the system includes a single transmitter coil and two receiver coils  capable of detecting objects at depths up to and in excess of 3 metres (depending on their size and orientation). The system is ergonomically designed and can be pushed or pulled as a trailer, by person or vehicle. 


– detection of underground environmental hazards
– unexploded ordnance detection
– utility and infrastructure mapping
– construction and industrial waste detection


External Geode GPS, Emlid RS+ RTK, Archer2 or Mesa3 Data Logger

Weights and Dimensions (Shipping)

36.4 kg, 64 cm x 54 cm x 58 cm
40.2 kg, 61 cm x 113 cm x 24 cm

Rental Prices (CAD)

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Canada Rental Rates (CAD)
USA Rental Rates (USD)

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