EM-38 Mk2 - Rentals


Lithogen offers the Geonics EM38 Mk2 conductivity meter for rent in Canada and the USA.

The Geonics EM38-MK2 conductivity meter simultaneously measures both the quadrature-phase (conductivity) and the in-phase (magnetic susceptibility) components within two receiver coils. The instrument is very lightweight and portable, allowing for rapid collection of data with excellent lateral resolution. With a maximum effective depth of 1.5 meters, the EM38 is commonly used in agriculture, archaeology, and general soil sciences.


– groundwater pollution and saline intrusion mapping
– measuring topsoil thickness
– buried debris detection
– buried foundation and utility mapping


External Geode GPS, Emlid RS+ RTK, Archer2 or Mesa3 Data Logger

Weights and Dimensions (Shipping)

14 kg, 114 x 20 x 26 cm

Rental Prices

Our latest daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates for Geonics equipment, as well as our general rental terms and conditions, can be found below:
Canada Rental Rates (CAD)
USA Rental Rates (USD)

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